Review: Bobbi Brown Concealer Stick – A Miss for Me, But Maybe It’s My Fault?

Hey everyone! Today, I’m sharing my experience with the Bobbi Brown Concealer Stick. I had high hopes for this product, but unfortunately, it didn’t quite meet my expectations. Here’s a breakdown of my thoughts and why I think it might be my fault.

First Impressions

When I first picked up the Bobbi Brown Concealer Stick, I was impressed by its sleek and portable packaging. It felt luxurious and convenient, perfect for on-the-go touch-ups. The twist-up design is great, making it easy to apply without any mess. However, my excitement quickly faded after using it a few times.

Application and Texture

The texture of the concealer is creamy and smooth, which initially seemed promising. It glides on effortlessly and blends fairly well with a brush or fingertips. However, despite its creamy consistency, I found that it didn’t provide the coverage I was looking for. It seemed to sit on top of my skin rather than blending seamlessly, which was disappointing.

Coverage and Wear

One of my main issues with this concealer stick is the coverage. It’s marketed as a full-coverage concealer, but I found it to be more medium at best. It struggled to fully conceal my dark circles and blemishes, and I had to layer it quite a bit to get decent coverage. Even then, it seemed to wear off quickly throughout the day, requiring frequent touch-ups.

Color Match

Now, here’s where I think the main problem lies – I might have bought the wrong color. The shade I chose didn’t match my skin tone perfectly, which could be a significant reason why it didn’t blend well or provide the coverage I expected. It had an odd undertone that made my skin look a bit ashy and unnatural. Lesson learned: always swatch and test the shade thoroughly before purchasing!

Final Thoughts

Omg I’ve been looking for a concealer that doesn’t cake or settle into my fine lines and this is it !!! I’m thinking it has to do with how creamy it is that it hydrates my under eyes nicely. But OMG it blended into my skin so nicely very skin like ! Perfect perfect.

– Amazon Customer

While the Bobbi Brown Concealer Stick has some good qualities, like its convenient packaging and smooth application, it ultimately fell short for me in terms of coverage and color match. I believe that if I had chosen the correct shade, my experience might have been different. For now, I’ll stick to my other concealers that offer better coverage and a more natural finish.

Not crazy about it. Like the color. Blends well. Feels smooth, but still settles in those fine lines. Actually moreso than some of the cheaper products I’ve tried.

– Amazon Customer

Have any of you tried the Bobbi Brown Concealer Stick? What was your experience like? And do you have any tips for finding the perfect shade match? Let me know in the comments! Until next time, stay fabulous!


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