TEAL Magazine is a publication that focuses on photography, music, art and culture.

We envision to make something that is tangible and visually engaging without compromising the vital essence of a magazine: to inform.

A collection of bold images, thought provoking articles and trend-setting pieces.

Our main intent is to prove that print is not dead. We want to connect to our readers who are craving for quality content and in-depth stories with powerful photographs. But most of all, showcasing various creatives all over the world.

Our team consists of talented people who are passionate about their craft.  

We are a growing team in the biggest cities - New York City, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., Houston, London, Berlin and other parts of the world.

We are available online and our first print issue is coming this spring/summer of 2018.

   Images by Puzzleman Leung and  Aritat Chaijumroen

Images by Puzzleman Leung and Aritat Chaijumroen