Q: I see that my moisturizer has a strange consistency. How should I apply it: by spreading it along massage lines or using patting motions?

Of course, there are beautiful diagrams and videos showing how to apply skincare products, but for the effectiveness of your skincare, it doesn’t really matter which lines or methods you use. The actual difference in performance will be minimal.

Many may argue that applying along massage lines or lymphatic flow yields better results.

This might be true for two reasons:

  1. Subjective Evaluation: You feel better about doing everything “correctly.”
  2. Temporary Effect: Lymphatic drainage movements can temporarily refresh the appearance and slightly stimulate lymphatic flow.

Especially as we age, with signs of aging, decreased skin turgor, and more noticeable puffiness, a few lymphatic drainage movements using your skincare product can temporarily refresh your appearance and stimulate lymphatic flow. So, it makes some sense. However, this has very little impact on the effectiveness of the product itself.

The moisturizer’s formulation will work or not work regardless of the movements and directions in which you apply it.


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