Magnesium Baths Won’t Make You Calmer or Healthier, or Will…?

There are many claims online about the incredible health benefits of magnesium baths – a natural mineral that’s indeed important for many bodily systems, especially muscular and nervous ones. A lack of magnesium can lead to fatigue, exhaustion, and muscle weakness (remember, if you’re feeling down and anxious, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have a magnesium deficiency. It could just be adult life).

A Cure for All Troubles

Magnesium crystals for baths, better known as Epsom salts, are sold online and in cosmetic retail. Many cosmetic brands sell it, claiming that it “benefits the cardiovascular and nervous systems, improves sleep and memory, enhances concentration, cleanses cells of toxins, relieves muscle tension, and promotes better nutrient absorption.”

None of these effects are supported by research.

Will Salt in The Bath Help?

There is no evidence that magnesium can penetrate the body through the skin and relieve stress (or have any other effect). Researchers from the Michigan State University concluded that Epsom salt does not provide the necessary effects for athletes and people with injuries – the relief after baths is most likely a placebo effect. Some people report feeling better after bath procedures with Epsom salt, but scientists believe that relaxing in a bath – with or without salt – generally has a positive effect on the nervous system. And yes, doctors sometimes use magnesium for fibromyalgia or chronic pain treatment after injuries – but in pill form.

Despite this information, I still love spending an hour in such a bath, especially before bed after a workout day.


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