What Is a Photo Walk?

If you love photography, shooting and exploring new places with your friends may be one of your favorite things to do. Nothing can beat capturing beautiful banal photos when you're with the people you enjoy the company of and share the same interests as you.

That is why photo walks became a thing.

Photo walks are organized to celebrate the wonderful form of art known as photography. It's an event that gathers a group of people that shares the same passion. Whether it may be a small or huge group, it's all about growing the community and interacting with them in real life. It's all about connecting, learning and building relationships.

The magazine is lucky enough to be surrounded by a number of local photography groups on Instagram. One of them being, 202FilmCollective.

Founded by Stephen Chong and Roger Yu, both massive film shooters, 202filmcollective’s mission is to create a local community of photographers in DC area dedicated to the art of film photography. Started last year (2017), they've been conducting a number of workshops, meetups and events to not only grow the local community of film photographers but also to strengthen it and educate people about it.

This year has been pretty eventful for them, not only because they celebrated their anniversary last March but also because they were able to be part of Kodak’s Camera Club event last February. Wherein they partnered with Walk With Locals, another great local photography group, and Compass Coffee, an amazing local coffee chain established in DC. Together they were able to make a successful event that gathered not only film photographers but also everyone who is a huge fan of the art.

Last March, 202filmcollective celebrated their first year anniversary with a photo walk exploring some of the best vinyl record shops DC has to offer. We are lucky enough to join them and be part of one of the many milestones that are yet to come.

Some of the other local photo groups and people who organize local meetups that you should check out: 

LA Photo Alliance | Nick Exposed Cameron Hoerth



Film photography by Thien Nguyen | Camera: Nikonos III | Film stock: Kodak TMAX P3200 | Dev & scans: The FINDlab