TRNSMT Festival: A New Face on the Festival Circuit but Will Sure Be an Old Favorite in Years to Come

20170708 TRNSMT Glasgow 32.jpg
Photo by  Andrew Mccormack

The summer season to me is never complete without some form of festival. As ever in my case it normally comes unplanned and last minute. But I don’t think I would have it any other way.

The photos that can be seen throughout are from TRNSMT Festival in Glasgow, Scotland this past July. 

Festivals and gigs go hand in hand with film photography in my mind. The two have always had a close relationship as long as I can remember. From my earliest gigs I could always be found with a disposable camera in my hands. At first it was just a way to document the night, take a few photos of the artist and forget about it but this time, it is something more.

Over the years my style has evolved and so has my gear but at the end of the day shitty point and shoots and disposables are my bread and butter. It’s not all about getting that generic gig photo anymore and in many ways it never has been.

Looking throughout my archive it can be seen time and time again, the times that would have otherwise been forgotten.  It’s about documenting the memories in there rawest form and there is something special about that.