Transviolet Interview: the Band to Tell Boys and Girls Your Age About

All photos by  Madison Mead

All photos by Madison Mead

Just one listen of the pop-quartet band, Transviolet, and you're sure to be feeling out of this world. Their sound sends an electricity through your veins and is sure to get you dancing from the moment the song begins. 

Having recently released their EP, Kaleidoscopes, we had the chance to sit down and talk with members: Sarah McTaggart (vocals), Judah McCarthy (guitar), Jon Garcia (drums), and Mike Pan (guitar). 

I remember the first time I discovered Transviolet, and it was when LANY announced them as their openers for their U.S. run of the KINDA Tour. I decided to check them out months before LANY’s show in Los Angeles and I was pleasantly surprised on how I turned out to be a huge fan afterwards.

Leading up to the day of the interview, I was rather thrilled to finally meet with and talk to them regarding their new music. As the time of our meeting came closer, Transviolet one by one start coming in to our gathering spot and greeted us with warm hugs and hellos.

Sarah caught my eye from afar with her bright and beautiful, magenta colored jumpsuit. The boys dressed casually with their t-shirts and jeans, with the exception of Judah who was sporting black shorts (which was very appropriate for the weather since it was almost 98 degrees).

The day was so hot, we relocated from our outdoor patio spot, to the inside of a burger joint just around the corner, the bootleg version of a “Tommy’s Burgers”

TM: How are you guys?

Sarah: We are good. The weather is really hot though. But everything is good.

TM: What’s your favorite song from your new EP Kaleidoscopes?

Sarah: My favorite is “Pretty Head”.

Judah: My favorite is “Don’t Put It On Me” and “Kaleidoscopes”.

Mike: I have a tie between “Pretty Head” and “Don’t Put It On Me“ because both of those are great.

Jon:  I also have a tie but with “Bruises”, “Don’t Put It On Me” and “The Hamptons”.

Sarah: You just named half the EP. Jon likes the whole EP! [laughs]

TM: We got to hear Mike sing for the first time in Transviolet in “Don't Put It On Me”, will we hear more of him in the future or any of the other members?

Sarah: Definitely!

Judah: We better!

Sarah: Now that the secrets out!

Mike: I will be singing a lot more and Sarah is going to be singing a lot less! Let’s put it that way! [laughs]

TM: What was your favorite part about filming the “The Hamptons” music video?

Sarah: Watching all the senior citizens throw food at each other!

Mike: The pool scene was my favorite. Swimming in clothes was fun and it was a first for me!

Sarah: That was very fun!

Jon: But taking off the clothes was really hard. I also enjoyed dancing the croquet. The dance scene was pretty dope.

Mike: Jon really gave me some good lessons on the course. He is amazing.

Sarah: Also, I want to have a little humble brag moment because that jumping in the pool scene was taken in one take.

Mike: Plus the dancing was on the spot so if we had messed up it would've been okay.

TM: What inspired the lyric “I'm a pacifist, still low-key, but I'm imagining my brains on his carpet”?

Sarah: It was inspired by all the cringe worthy conversations I have had with too many people in Los Angeles where they are just sitting there bragging about their cars or their vacation homes or all the famous people they know and while you’re sitting there having that conversation you’re just thinking about what gun to buy to put yourself out of misery if ever had to have a life with them. So yeah, that’s what inspired that lyric.

TM: Tell us what it was like touring with LANY last fall?

Jon: Awesome!

Mike: Oh it was great!

Jon: They have great fans!

Judah: Funny story from that tour, I had a girl get my phone number because my tour manager pulled my suitcase out of her van or something and both my name and phone number were on it. She even started texting me and that was weird. But all in all, it was a good tour.

Mike: It was our first time in Florida as a band during that tour too.

Sarah: Oh yeah!

Mike: The second we got there we knew we were there! [laughs]

Sarah: Yeah, actually the LANY tour was my favorite because we got to stay in St. Petersburg for 3 days in Florida and we stayed at the tackiest Florida motel you could've ever seen your life, like,  it was all floral print and flamingos and plastic dolphins everywhere - it was like my paradise. I also got to see dolphins jump out of the ocean it was magical.

TM: What has been the best experience you have had with a fan?

Jon: We have had a lot of experiences where fans have brought food to our shows, but the one that stands out for me is when we played Glasgow, Scotland. We had like a group of 30 kids show up like 6 hours before the show and for us being a new band it was pretty incredible that they were there so early. Also that same day one of the kids brought a full watermelon for us. It was a small watermelon but it was still a complete watermelon. We actually opened the watermelon backstage and ate it. That was the coolest!

TM: If you could collaborate with any artist who would it be and why?

Sarah: I would have to say Chris Martin because I’m in love with Coldplay and Chris Martin is like the contemporary songwriting god to me. So if I like to write a song with anybody it would be Chris Martin. Chris Martin hit me up!

Jon: If it’s only one person that’s really tough if I have to say from the top of my head probably Max Martin just because of the history of all the hits he made. I would like to see what the writing process is like and just the speed that they work in! Max Martin for me!

Judah: Maybe Bon Iver for me? Not sure.

TM: What has been your most memorable moment as a band so far?

Jon: Either our first television performance or walking off stage after the first Twenty One Pilots show we did in Leeds because it’s the first time we played in a large venue and a lot of people. It’s a tie between those because I was just so nervous.

Sarah:  I was really proud of the morning show (Today Show) performance because I thought trying to sing things in the morning was not going to work out so I was super proud that we all got there on time and made it!

Mike: We even played an hour and a half early!

TM: How did you come up with your name 'Transviolet'?

Sarah: Well we tried all the other names and they were all taken. It was the last available name and so we said, “Okay you’re the name!”.

Judah: It was literally the last name!

Mike: It’s the only name we were legally allowed to have so we said, “Alright this is it!”.

Sarah: That’s also why we will be the last band to ever be formed with letters in their name because there will be no more bands with letters, it’s all going to be random serial numbers and random punctuation marks!


TM: If you could describe the band in a color what would it be?

Sarah: Violet, obviously!

Jon: Like a blue or magenta!

Mike: Ultraviolet, aye!

Sarah: More like the blackest black ever invented.

TM: This the question we all want to know, where is the album?

Judah: We actually wrote two albums as a band.

Mike: This what happened to the first album, we hit control alt delete on half of it. That's why we only got four songs on the first EP. Then on the second one we hit control alt delete on half of it again!

TM: When do you usually write?

Sarah: I mean I’m always writing and usually it’s life experiences and conversations I’ve had.

Judah: Also, I have noticed you write when you are frustrated.

Sarah: Oh yeah, totally, it can be from frustration or anger or trying to express myself.

TM: To conclude our interview, would you like to give a message to your fans?

Sarah: We love you stick with us, we promise we will get more music out no matter what!

Judah: Love you guys!

Jon: Stay sick! And never come to Tommy’s!

Mike: Love you!