Interview with the Sherlocks: Upcoming Tour with Liam Gallagher, Christmas Season Back Home and Discovering New Food While on Tour

All photos by  Kurt Heyde

All photos by Kurt Heyde

The British indie-rock band, The Sherlocks, played DC9 in Washington, DC as their last stop for their first ever US headline tour. Consists of two set of brothers; Kiaran Crook (vocals), Brandon Crook (drums), Josh Davidson (lead guitar) and Andy Davidson (bass). They sat down with us for a minute to talk about their upcoming tour with Liam Gallagher, Christmas season back home and discovering new food while on tour. 

Teal Magazine: This is your first headline show in the US and also the first time being here in DC. Correct?

Kiaran Crook: Yeah.

TM: Thats amazing! Let's just start off with the basic questions first. How did you guys get into making music?

KC: Well, Andy and Josh are brothers. Brandon and I are brothers. These two moved really close to where Brandon and I lived, and we became friends in no time and started playing football together. Brandon and I were already playing our instruments but we weren't very good. Josh was already playing guitar because he also started around the same time. And then after so many games of football, we wanted something else to do so we started playing instruments together.

TM: So, you could say you all grew up together.

KC: Yeah, pretty much. Andy was 12 when the band started and he’s 19 now.

Andy Davidson: I've turned into a man through this band! Nothing quite yet, but I’m getting there! One day I might be able to call myself a man! (laughs)

Brandon Crook: Well, you've got the body of a man!

TM: So just a quick question for those who don't know yet, where did you get your name?

BC: Well, you can go on Andy!

AD: When we were just starting out. We say “No shit, Sherlock.” all the time. And some people just started to call us “Oh! It's The Sherlocks!” and it just stuck and we decided to use it.

TM: A lot of bands release a couple of EP’s before they release an album but you released singles instead. Is that something that you all decided on doing or did it just happen?

KC: I don’t think we really knew what we were doing [that time]. To be honest, we were just recording demos. We put some songs together just so people could know a few songs at gigs and stuff and that's really it. But then when we realized there’s a business side to it. I also don’t think we're really a massive fan of EPs. As a band, there's just no point. Why not just release singles and make enough songs so you can release a full album?

TM: Yeah, I get what you are saying.

BC: We’d sooner save them for an album rather than wasting them on something that won't get much attention.

TM: When did you start to do this [being a band] properly?

KC: Seven years ago, at least. But doing our own music, I would say maybe four and a half years. Before that, all we just do was doing covers.

TM: What is the song that you guys are most proud of on this album?

BC: As a collective unit or individually?

TM: Yeah, let's do individually!

BC: I like Candlelight because it really has that tune that I like. 

KC: I’m most proud of Turn The Clock.

TM: Oh, I was about to say! I literally have a note here that says “Turn The Clock is a good song." Because I remember listening to your album last night and I heard Turn The Clock and immediately said "This is such a nice song. I love this. I should tell them tomorrow."

KC: It let's all the emotions out at once. It's a good tune. It's my favorite lyrics on the album too.

TM: Let's talk about one of the big things that are going to happen next. You are opening for Liam Gallagher for his European tour. How insane is that?

BC: We’re mad for it! We’re mad to do it!

TM: Are you guys excited?

KC: Yeah! It's a big opportunity.

TM: I assume you grew up listening to Oasis and knowing the Gallagher brothers, of course?

KC: Yeah, he’s always been there [Liam Gallagher]. The sound of his voice has always been present in our childhood.

TM: What was your first reaction when you heard the news that you are opening for him? Any funny stories?

KC: Well, we started screaming when we found out. Andy started crying. There’s that. I remember meeting him at Leeds and then we had an email saying we can open up for him on the European tour if we want to. We obviously said we want to.

TM: That's really exciting. Now that you’ve mentioned that, I know that you have played huge festivals like Reading and Leeds and you've also opened for The Libertines in the past. You're very much familiar playing big venues and festivals. How does it feel that you're now here in the US playing intimate shows and basically starting to expose yourself again to attract more crowd. Which one do you prefer?

KC: We prefer the big ones but you gotta start all over again just like we did in the UK. We’re used to small venues because we played a lot of small shows before we got to play these festivals.

TM: Do you have any dream venues that you want to play?

BC: A massive stadium in New York would be cool. We drive past a huge stadium in Philly on our way here. 

TM: Oh yeah, here in the US we do have a lot of stadiums. There’s one in different states and/or cities and that’s where the football and baseball games are held. What is your favorite part of touring, so far?

KC: Trying different food. We had a Philly cheesesteak last night.

TM: How was it?

KC: It was alright. It's not bad. Not sure if we tried the best one to be honest.

TM: Yeah, Philly is really good! I like that city. It has so much character.

KC: We didn't have much time there so we haven't really seen anything. We just walked down a street. 

TM: What are the things you do when you're not touring, or while you're on a break?

Josh Davidson: We play a lot of football, badminton, stick a quid on football card now and again.

AD: I like to gamble. (laughs)

TM: We know that social media is now like a huge part of everyone's lives. It's good to stay in touch and keep updated with anyone. How do you personally feel about your fanbase? How do you maintain your relationship with them?

KC: They are absolutely everything to us. It's good to keep in touch with them through Twitter.

TM: Do you guys love social media though? What is your favorite social media?

BC: Instagram, yeah probably that. It's like when I used to be on Facebook just look at all the pictures. Oh, I have a lot of Facebook pictures. I’d say I really like every social media.

TM: And what about Twitter?

KC: I prefer Twitter over Facebook. That’s for sure.

TM: So this is going to be my final question. This is your last show before going home for Christmas, right? What are you planning to do while you're on break?

AD: Open Christmas presents!

TM: Did you request for that, like, did you say “Oh we’re going home for Christmas. Please don’t book us any shows." 

KC: No, it all kinda just worked out. I think we’re all planning of going on some holiday break.

BC: It’s time we get into the Christmas spirit.

TM: I feel like Christmas is like a huge holiday in the UK too, like, it’s a very big deal. As compare here in the US wherein Thanksgiving is also a thing.

KC: Yeah, we don't have Thanksgiving. I get a very warm feeling inside whenever I think of home. What's that song? (started singing) Snow is falling, all around - That came on my Spotify today and I didn’t turn it off. I listened to it all the way through. Sounds mint. Who's it by? I think it’s Shakin' Stevens. I loved it!