The Gardens of Versailles

Paris is the first city Matthew and I visited together. It was Mens Fashion Week at that time and we spent most of the trip hopping from café to café or strolling through different parks. A long time has passed since then but we still find our way back to Paris couple of times a year.


Last December, Matthew surprised me with a quick birthday getaway to our beloved city. We revisited some of our favorite spots, but also took the short train journey up to the Palace of Versailles. There were many people at Versailles that day so we didn't spend too much time in the palace itself. However, the gardens were beautifully quiet. We strolled in-between the sculptures and terraces for most of the day while the clouds settled a soft mist across the landscape.

You will rarely see Matthew without his camera - he’s able to capture emotive images of nature and monuments but also the personality of people. His passion for photography and illustration means that many of our trips and memories are beautifully documented - you couldn't ask for a better companion. 

Words by Harry Doncaster | Photography by Matthew Attard Navarro