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Artist Spotlight: Robbie Jeffers

Our August Artist Spotlight will focus on none other than, Robbie Jeffers. You may have seen his work in our first print issue released this July. We wanted to showcase Robbie in August since we are collaborating with him on an upcoming project.

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Artist Spotlight: Roger Yu of 202filmcollective

202filmcollective’s co-founder Roger Yu took some time out of his schedule to fill us in on what the 202filmcollective is all about, how it’s changed him as a photographer, and what it means for the local DC community.

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Artist Spotlight: Thien Nguyen

We sat down with Thien Nguyen, a professional film photographer based out of Washington DC and a staff photographer for the magazine. She talked about her work, creative process, and some of the challenges she faces as an ethnic female artist.

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