Neon Nights by Daniel Soares


Neon Nights is a photographic love-affair I have with New York and it’s nocturnal lights. By day New York can be an overwhelming, dirty and loud city, but at night it morphs into this fairy tale of neon lights where time seems to stand still. People’s stories become part of the photo, and I often find myself asking “What are they going for in the store? What are they buying? What’s their life like? Why are they grabbing cigarettes at midnight?”

It's a series that gives you questions, not answers.


I take a lot of inspiration from people and the streets. So I constantly like to explore different neighborhoods. It all started with me spending a lot of time in Chinatown. So I started taking some pictures at night, and saw that there was a visual tension I liked. From there I just kept shooting this series and improving it. It's an ongoing series.

I usually wander around at night for hours and just let go totally. I don't really think. Whenever I feel something, I click.