My Letter to Portland

Portland! Damn. What can I say? Thank you for letting me photograph your every nook and cranny. 

Being a girl who spends her days galavanting Zuma end to end, why would I choose to spend a chunk of my winter up in the cold, grey Pacific Northwest? I mean, apart from my awesome cousins, that cute dude I met at the skatepark back in summer and the fact my broken wrist means surfing is out of the picture.

PDX is fucking awesome. It’s weird, it’s quirky, it inspires me to be creative. Not Downtown as such. It’s cool, Powell’s bookstore and Kenny & Zukes are classics, but it's easily compared to any other small city. North Portland is alright. There's a really sweet "Natural Science" store with these taxidermy mice (designed by Léa Mai Nguyen & Denise Kendigs) that reminds me of the intro to  Dinner for Schmucks and of course, the community-lead darkroom, The Portland Darkroom, which is obviously great. But- fuck! South East is where it’s at. 

Southeast Portland has something special. It sports more beaten down, old time trucks that I saw during my whole trip to Texas (they’re not quite as cool as that Red/White late 60's early 70's F150 out here in Trancas - but definitely close). The Outsiders Motorcycle Club House is right down the block from me, food trucks & hole-in-the-wall Vietnamese hotspots scatter the streets and it’s home to the best tattoo shop in the whole fucking world (shout out Wonderland!). 

There's more to tell, much more. But I’d rather continue to do so in the medium of my one true love. 

Words and film photography by Sadie Bailey