In February of 2014, my mom and I went on our first huge holiday to New York City. This was somewhere that both of us had dreamt of visiting for years and it was finally coming true. At that time, we both thought this could be a once in a life time opportunity. Because of this, I felt the urge to document the entire trip. This urge was the starting block for my new-found love of photography.

Fast forward to three years and both of our lives have changed dramatically, and we are on our way back to New York city. Over the past year, I have fallen inlove with photography in a whole new way. My discovery of analog photography has completely changed the way I look at the art. I’ve been experimenting with different film stocks, cameras and styles this past year, which has been very evident in my first two zines ‘Sidewalk Closed’ and ‘Paris in 72 hours’.

However, for this trip I really wanted to push myself. I decided to leave my digital camera in the hotel room (I couldn’t quite bring myself to leave it at home) and I shot only Ilford HP5 black and white film. I tried to go one step further by pushing each roll of film but soon ran into complications due to the max shutter speed on my Canon A1 being only 1/1000th of a second.

Coming from digital photography meant that I am extremely used to shooting color and the “shoot now, think later” style. I had never really been exposed to the joy and art of shooting black and white. Pushing myself like this has helped me understand my photography more and helped me understand who I want to be as a photographer.