Happy To Be Here: Mod Sun Sold Out Show at The Roxy

Mod Sun released his album Movie last month and in addition to that, he has also released his first short film entitled “Album,” which showcases the artists’ breadth of creativity as not only a rapper and songwriter, and painter, but, a film maker, screenplay writer, and actor. 

We got a chance to experience his show at The Roxy in West Hollywood, and perhaps the most wonderful aspect of his show, was the fact that he is so connected with his audience. Mod Sun is known for treating his fans like friends, and it really feels like it once you go to one of his shows. The interactions he had with his audience truly felt genuine and the message of his songs radiates throughout the night.

It was almost as if Mod Sun didn’t even have to perform, because his fans were performing for him, singing and rapping every lyric to all of the songs he performed. It was truly a great night.

Check out our gallery taken during his show. Photography by Madison Mead.