Chat with Wallows: Golfing, Thai Food and BROCKHAMPTON

Film Photography by   Gabriella Hughes    Interview by Jiselle Santos

Film Photography by Gabriella Hughes

Interview by Jiselle Santos

Wallows are a trio from California, consisting of the singer/guitarists Braeden Lemasters, Dylan Minnette and the drummer Cole Preston. The band had dropped their debut EP earlier this year called Spring EP but had just released their newest single,“Drunk on Halloween.” With festival season coming to a close, we had a quick chat with the band during Austin City Limits Music Festival Weekend Two.  

Teal Magazine: You guys had just dropped “Drunk on Halloween”. Tell us more about what inspired that song?

Braeden: Yeah, so that song came from when I was supposed to be writing lyrics for a song we were supposed to be putting on the album and I got distracted. So while I was doing that, that song happens on a voice memo. I then played it for the guys a week later, and they were like "Wow! That’s cool!” It then became a song in Cole’s bedroom. Now it’s out! It happened very fast, it’s our newest song and it’s out before some of the album songs. It’s really weird.

Cole: Yeah, it’s out!

Dylan: It’s a big turnaround for us for the first time, recording and putting it out really fast. It’s fun to do this for a change.

Cole: It feels really fresh right now! We didn’t sit on that for so long. It’s good!

Teal Magazine: So basically, produced it and pumped it out immediately?


Teal Magazine: Alongside with that, you had recently dropped 1980s Horror Film II, I saw that it’s actually the song you had put in music video rather than the song from Spring EP, how and why did you guys do that?

Cole: The recording of that version of the song is inspired by the video idea that we had. We wanted to do this really cheesy, room style, 80s music video and thought it would cool to record the song version of that. And so we did put it out with the video and then put it out to stream because people wanted us to.

Teal Magazine: If you guys weren’t making music, what would you see yourselves as in terms of what type of career you would rather have?

Braeden: I would honestly want to be a pro-golfer.

Cole: He is amazing at golf. I would probably be his golfing manager.

Dylan: Gosh, I don’t know. Something in music.

Braeden: It can’t be in music!

Cole: Do Nascar!

Dylan: I haven’t even thought of Nascar. I hadn’t even thought about this much.

Cole: Director [in reference to Dylan]

Dylan [to Cole]: Man, did you answer?

Cole: I said I’d manage his [Braeden’s] golfing career!

Dylan: I’ll be his caddy.

Cole: Sounds perfect!

Chat with Wallows: Golfing, Thai Food and BROCKHAMPTON

Teal Magazine: You’re no strangers to Austin, Texas. I saw you guys at SXSW- have you checked out anything around the city? To add on to that, what has been your favorite place you’ve been to so far?

Braeden: I love Austin! I love the music and the vibe. It's awesome. There’s a great little circle of a smoothie place and a Thai place. I don’t know if it’s always there or just occasions like this.

Cole: You mean the food trucks?

Braeden: That area is badass! But favorite places we've been on tour so far are Portland and Eugene, Oregon. There’s a great Thai place. A lot of Thai is going to be involved in this sentence, to “Thai” it all together.

*everyone laughs*

Cole: That… that was incredible. There were so many layers to that one line. Wow.

Teal Magazine: Just had to throw in another one!

Cole: For me, I love Austin obviously. Great vibes! My first time ever leaving the country was Vancouver. That's when I got a passport to go on tour. So driving into Canada was an experience for me.

Dylan: Yeah, they searched our van!

Cole: It was was epic!

Braeden: They patted Cole down!

Cole: Yup, patted me down! *laughs* Almost got arrested!

Dylan: It was sick!

Cole: Well. I love Canada.

Dylan: Every time we’ve been in New York with each other, it’s been so much fun. I love going to New York with these guys. We always have such a great time! Any time we got there and Austin!

Chat with Wallows: Golfing, Thai Food and BROCKHAMPTON

Teal Magazine: Your version of New York is like my version of Austin with my friends, essentially. We meet up here and do crazy stuff.

Dylan: Yeah! We love it here.

Teal Magazine: Who are you guys listening to at the moment? And who would you say are some of your favorite artists of all time?

Dylan: It’s been iridescence by BROCKHAMPTON, it’s very constant for me.

Teal Magazine: Did you guys happen to see their set yesterday [at ACL]?

Dylan: Unfortunately, we didn’t get to!

Cole: But we caught them at Lollapalooza!

Dylan: I’m seeing them at Flog Gnaw. Probably gonna see them up in San Francisco

Teal Magazine: They pulled in quite the crowd this year! Since they’re from here [Texas].

Dylan: Yup! iridescence is my favorite album this year. It’s incredible.

Cole: The Marias put out their second EP. They are slayin’. What else has come out this year?

Dylan: A lot. A lot of music! But I’m gonna stick to Iridescence.

Teal Magazine: Oh, what about HINDS? I just saw them recently.

Cole: I love that album! Love it!

Teal Magazine: Just interviewed them recently!

Dylan: Nice!

Cole: They seem like they’re so much fun!

Teal Magazine: Found out they’re obsessed with Twin Peaks. I found out about Twin Peaks through a friend of mine! I absolutely love them.

Cole: (points to his twin peaks hat) Ahh so cool! My other favorite album this year is Lush by Snail Mail.

Teal Magazine: Oooh yeah, that’s a good album! HINDS actually had that on their pre-show playlist.

Braeden: I guess the song I’ve been listening to lots recently is “Using You" by Mars Argo. I listen to it a lot. It’s a good song. Do you know that song?

Teal Magazine: Yeah!

Braeden: That’s badass.