Interview with Hannah Who: Millennial Generation Is the Bridge to a Much More Culturally Diverse Future

Film photography by Ivan Santiago

Hannah Who, a newborn indie-pop band formed in Lubbock, Texas, epitomizes the idea that the millennial generation is the bridge to a much more culturally diverse future. Although each member originates from a different area on the globe, their shared interest in the band The 1975 allowed the group to overlook their differences and celebrate their similarities. The group is comprised of Dorian (vocals and guitar), Sef (guitar), Andrew (bass and keyboard), and Bryce (drums). Their sound which is defined by the group as “a mixture of life circumstances and good musical taste” integrates the personalities, talents and aesthetic of a group of people that were never meant to be similar. When mixed, their sound gave birth to their debut EP, “Rosy”. West Texas presents many with the opportunity to connect with music, art, and culture. We were able to get to know the group, their sound, and their story at a local house show performance.

What would you say your music style is? 

Sef: I think we are alternative-pop. Especially with our upcoming EP, which will hopefully be out in a month and a half.

Dorian: I think that based on what we just released we are indie-rock, but we are making a transition towards more traditional pop music.

What brought you guys together to start playing music?

Dorian: When I came to [Texas Tech], I did not really know anybody. I moved into the apartment, but I had random roommates and Sef was one of them. I literally woke up one day, went to class and he was sleeping on the couch. I thought that Sef was someone leftover from a party.

Sef: We did not even talk for like two months. I think I saw a guitar in your room and we started to talk about music.

Dorian: Yes, we started to talk about music and I asked him what his favorite band was and he said The 1975. That is really what started our friendship. Sef and I were this two-man type of thing, like Daft Punk, playing the keys on the actual letters of the computer keyboard. We needed to upgrade our gear, so I went to Guitar Center and a friend there knew Bryce and said that he was really good with drums. Bryce and I started talking and once again music made us really good friends. We met Andrew while at a party in our apartment and when we saw him walking through the hallway. That is how we got here, pure chance.

What would you guys say is the concept behind your new EP?

Dorian: I truly think it’s not so much a concept, but rather just where we were at the time we made the music. We were still trying to figure out some stuff as a band, so if you listen to the EP, the songs are different. There is not really a theme and we liked it. We wanted to put it all out and see what we liked the best and what other people liked the best. Then we could move forward from that.

So, what are your nationalities/ethnicities?

Bryce: I am a white American from Lubbock, Texas.

Dorian: I am a proud African American born in New Bradford, Texas.

Andrew: I am German and English born in San Diego.

Sef: I am Indian American and I was born here.

Obviously, you all come from different racial and cultural backgrounds. Are your differences expressed in your music?

Sef: It is mostly expressed through our instruments because I am from India and if you listen to a lot of my guitar parts, they are Asian based.

Dorian: But it is also so weird that even though we are four different people, we think the same way. I think that's what makes the band work.

Would you say you’re really proud of this EP?

Dorian: Yes, we put a lot of work into this EP and ran into a lot of obstacles. So every time I listen to it I am just super proud. We don’t care what anybody thinks about it because we are proud that we committed to something and we got it out.

Sef: Absolutely, we really made music for ourselves and never thought that people would actually listen to it.   

Bryce: It was our first time in the studio and we learned as we went.

For those who do not know about your band, what would you like them to feel when they listen to Hannah Who?

Sef: I think we can’t really tell someone what to feel because everyone reacts in a different way to music and has a different experience.

Dorian: When I listen to this EP, I feel like there is a general teenage angst just packaged in different ways. There are things that we all go through.

Outside the band, are you involved in anything else?

Dorian: I ran track at this school, with this being my last season. I also work for the school radio station and I am the MC at the Texas Tech Basketball games.

Bryce: I am an economics major at Tech and I work at the hospital.

Andrew: I am a pre-nursing major at Tech and I quit my job for our second show.

Sef: I used to be in a fraternity believe it or not. I quit because basically it wasn’t for me and I am a pre-law major here at Texas Tech.

What can we expect from you within the next few years?  

Sef: We have a new EP coming out soon.

Dorian: The biggest thing that you can expect from us is growth and maturity in production and our lyrics.