Interview with DAGNY: Tattoos, Roses from the Crowd and The Importance of Being on Tour

Words and photography by Baker Smith

Kicking off the first half into the LANY U.S. Tour, we had the pleasure to interview the up and coming Norwegian pop singer DAGNY. Most known for her radiant upbeat singles, Backseat and Wearing Nothing. She also released a collaboration with the American singer and songwriter BØRNS, Fool's Gold.

Along for the ride, DAGNY took us behind the scenes of their show as they set the stage, soundcheck, and together with her everyday schedule while on tour in Texas. Capturing both DAGNY and LANY's performances, the show overall was beyond anything we have ever experienced.

Teal Magazine: 4 days into the LANY U.S Tour. How is it so far?

DAGNY: It's been amazing! It's been better than I expected and hoped for, actually.

TM: How would you describe your music?

DAGNY: I think it started out band driven, energetic, hooky pop music. I think it's got a little more electronic on the last few releases. I would still describe it as quite an organic pop music.

TM: Growing up, who are your influences? 

DAGNY: You know, I actually started playing music because I saw a little clip of Eva Cassidy (American vocalist and guitarist) on television one Christmas when I was about 15. It made me want to be just like her. I started picking up the acoustic guitar and started writing lots of songs. I think I was probably way more dramatic back then than I am now. I was writing real heartfelt love songs. Then I guess it developed into this energetic upbeat pop that I do now.

TM: What is your favorite song of all time?

DAGNY: Jackson 5! I Want You Back!

TM: What advice would you give to your 15 year old self?

DAGNY: I guess, maybe, be even more daring. Kind of just go make it happen. I think growing up in a small city, [you are] in this safe surrounding, all these things were really great. It let me spend time growing as an artist. I also think that it made me a bit too comfortable at times. So, I guess, sometimes, I wish that I put myself a bit more out of the comfort zone earlier on. And that I learned my instrument really well earlier on.

TM: Do you have any tattoos?

DAGNY: Actually no! I don't have any.

TM: If you were to get one right now, what would it be? Spur of the moment.

DAGNY: That is a good question (laughs). I would get a U.S. Tour with LANY rocks! with a big rose behind it. Because people keep giving us roses just like they give LANY so many roses but even we get a few roses as well.

TM: That's how you know you've won them over.

DAGNY: Exactly! I love that!

TM: What's your favorite color?

DAGNY: I LOVE YELLOW. I would say yellow.

TM: Your live performance is beyond amazing. I love it so much!

DAGNY: Thank you! Thank you so much!

TM: How important is touring to you? To reach out to a new crowd and letting everyone hear your sound?

DAGNY: Oh! It's the most important thing. I've always been all about playing shows, touring, and meeting the audience. I think, for me, that's always been the motivation behind making music; to go out and perform. I feel like now being on tour with LANY is a dream come true. Even though we're just 4 days in, I'm already so sad that in 2 months it's going to be over. I would go on tour all year if I could.

TM: Any idea what you would be doing if it wasn't for music?

DAGNY: I would probably either be a designer, or a journalist. Or a astronaut! One of the three.

TM: For inspiring young artist and musicians out there, do you have any
advice or wise words to share with them?

DAGNY: I would say, be persistent. Just keep going and never stop if you really want to do it. You could make things happen. It might just take time. Like I said earlier, I would just say learn your instrument really well. And I know when you're a kid it sucks rehearsing but you know what, if there's one thing I really wished I done is learn the piano [for example] really well. That would be my advice.

TM:  For the new and current DAGNY fans out there reading this, what would
you like to say to them?

DAGNY: Thank you guys so much! I love you! If you're anywhere near where this tour
is going, COME TO THE SHOW!