Interview with Cuco: Talks About His Milestones and Using His Platform to Be a Voice

Film photos by Bastardjer

We caught up with Cuco just a few months after our first interview at Tropicália Music and Taco Festival. We discussed artists that have influenced him, achieving his goal of selling out venues and the experience of his first headline tour. 

Before our interview, I was overwhelmed with joy and excitement to finally meet Cuco. La Sonora Dinamita played as we walked to the tent and I was greeted with a warm welcoming. I could tell that he was nervous but who wouldn’t when you are playing a sold-out festival of about 7,000 people in just 2 hours. As we began to make small talk I could see his nervousness decrease and I proceeded to begin the interview. 

Last time we spoke to you, you said your dream venues to play and sell out were the Echoplex and The Observatory. How does it feel selling them both out?

Cuco: It’s crazy. I still haven’t even grasped how incredible it is. I can't really explain it since it just happened so fast but it’s really cool that we did that. I’m really happy about it.

Who are you most excited to see today at Tropicália?

Cuco: Café Tacuba! I’m really excited for them.

Is there anyone in this festival who you looked up to growing up?

Cuco: Back in high school I used to listen to a lot of King Krule. His music is so cool. Café Tacuba is the shit and I also just grew up listening to them. Kali Uchis also and being able to work with her was also cool. Probably those are the three artists that influenced me the most in this festival. 


How is it like working with Kali Uchis?

Cuco: She’s a really awesome and humble person to work with. She really gave me a lot of pointers and told me to remind myself that I’m an artist but also a person, that I should work on myself and my music and just keep an eye on what is the industry and what’s not. Not only did we work as artists but also person-to-person which was really cool. It was an experience!

You went on your first headline tour and what was that like?

Cuco: It was nice and I was shocked that every city is sold out. During every single song they knew every word and I had a moment where I was like, “What is happening?” It was just San Diego, Phoenix and the rest were Texas shows but still, it felt really cool. Every city was tight but Texas really showed mad love. It was insane!

Do you have a crazy moment from the tour?

Cuco: The fact that we would sleep 4 hours and then move on to the next city. It was crazy just waking up somewhere new.

Do you have a city that stuck out the most to you?

Cuco: I would say Dallas because it was the biggest venue and San Antonio cause they were the craziest crowd, for sure. They were going off, dude. It was tight.

Lo Que Siento has almost hit 3 million listens on Spotify. How does that make you feel knowing all those people are listening to your music?

Cuco: It’s a blessing. It’s crazy that the people actually take their time and look me up. The statistics of Spotify show that those people looked me up. It’s really them searching for me on their own. It’s not like a commercial playlist that puts them on to me. 40% something is just them searching for me and 11% something is a playlist. So, it’s really crazy knowing that.

When you found out you were playing among the Mexican legends, Los Tigers del Norteand other Spanish icons, how did you and your parents feel?

Cuco: It's crazy! My mom was just like, "Are you really playing with all these artists?" and I was like “Yeah, isn't this insane?"

On Twitter, you tease a lot about your new album/music. When do you think that will come out? 

Cuco: Honestly, I lost most of my files because my computer sort of exploded on tour. The battery fucking blew up so it’s slow. I have my files saved, but my hard drive isn’t backing them up for some reason and it’s on my external drive so I don’t know what to do. I might have to do everything from scratch. So, it might be postponed until next summer or fall.

You are very outspoken when it comes to talking about immigrants. Why is that important to you?

Cuco: I come from immigrant parents so that’s already enough to use my voice and help them speak louder. I’m not like the wokest person, I don’t know enough, but I really do try to use my platform to help others as much as possible.

To conclude our interview can you say something to your fans?

Cuco: As usual, I appreciate you and it’s crazy how far we’ve come. I’m not here because of myself, I’m here because of you, my supporters. It’s a blessing. Thank you.