Interview with Bryce Vine: Selling Out Shows, Touring with Hoodie Allen, and Drew Barrymore

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Bryce Vine is a rap artist from New York City and is best known for his hits such as Sour Patch Kids and Drewbarrymore. He has toured with other great artists such as Hoodie Allen, Gnash and SUPERDUPERKYLE, and is inspired by many different artists from Frank Ocean to Third Eye Blind. He tours all over the US and Europe and has even played many festivals such as Riot Festival in Denver and Self Help Festival in Michigan.

He took a minute to talk to us about his past tour, inspirations and the stories behind his songs.

Teal Magazine: How long have you been making music?

Bryce Vine: When I was  13 years old, I  wanted the option to make own songs. Not for a living at first, but i wanted to rely on myself to make my own music.

TM: Who inspired you to become a musician?

B: When I used to watch Comedy Central when I was younger, Stephen Lynch influenced me a great deal. I watched him played sweet songs with deeper meaning. He performed songs about divorce but in a funny tone. He had clever lyrics and he made it look fun.

TM: What is your favorite song to perform live and why?

B: Sour Patch Kids is my favorite. It is the last song in the set, I can go crazy and leave all the energy on the stage. Also, DJ plays trumpet which is super cool.

TM: You just wrapped up your headlining tour, can you tell us more about who you toured with and how the experience was?  

B: It was cool. I sold out several venues, played a couple festivals and we sold out Iowa State University. I do travelogues and we travel for a couple months at a time. November is when our next series is.

TM: I love the song Drew Barrymore. I also noticed that the track has received over 1 million streams on Spotify. How does that make you feel?

B: It is my fastest growing song, so far. I didn’t know it would be this big. I am super stoked with that song. I knew it was a good song. If I like a song, it doesn’t matter how well it’s received.

TM: Can you tell us what the song Drew Barrymore is all about?

B: It’s about somebody in my life that has something special about them that you can’t put into words. They are charming and unusual. Drew Barrymore is America’s sweetheart. It is about when you admire a person for who they are and not because of what they look like.

TM: What is your writing process like?

B: I never know how a song is gonna happen. I’ll think of something I want to say then I’ll add rhythm and melody to the song. Sometimes I can write a song in an hour but it’s different every time.

TM: What are some of your favorite movies?

B: Butch Cassidy, Dark Knight, The Life Aquatic and Midnight in Paris.

TM: Do you have a pre-show routine?

B: My manager and DJ scramble to make sure it’s perfect. Nothing else matters when I’m on stage.

TM: Do you have any advice for up and coming artists?

B: You have to be able to hear all kinds of music. Find ones that do things to you. You should try to figure out how to write music that does something to you and other people. Think about it like you are giving yourself arsenal of music like books in a library.

TM: Can you give us a list of your favorite albums of all time?

  • Third Eye Blind (1999)

  • Take off - Blink-182

  • Out Come the Wolves - Rancid

  • Kings and Queen - Jamie T

  • Channel Orange -  Frank Ocean

  • Graduation - Kanye West

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