Interview with Bane's World: Steve Ray Vaughn and His Other Influences in Making Music

Photos by Wendy Rosales

Who is Bane’s World you might be thinking. Well to answer your question, they might be your next favorite band. Bane’s World is a group from Long Beach, California made up of Shane Blanchard, Michael Seyer, Vincent Reyes, Eric Baisa, and Antonio Aiello. They are often described as synth infested alternative/indie pop, heavily inspired by a Steve Ray Vaughn sound. 2017 was an amazing year for the band as they got a chance to play at the sold out Tropicália Music and Taco Festival in Long Beach, California. We got a last-minute opportunity to catch up with Shane from Bane's World before hitting the stage to discuss new music and what it’s like being able to work surrounded by old friends.

Teal Magazine: How's the festival going so far?

Shane: I’m having a really good time. I have been watching people play a bunch of good music and I have been seeing a lot of good people and old friends. It’s been nice.

TM: Are you inspired by anyone in the line up today?

Shane: Oh yeah! I just watched King Krule. He was actually one of my bigger influences when I started recording. You can kind of hear that in my early demos, which were definitely influenced by him, so it was really cool to go back and watch him.

TM: Do you have any new music soon?

Shane: I’m working on some stuff, but I can't make any promises on when it's going to come out. Sooner or later but something will come out. It’s tough. We have been starting to get this attention and then you got to come out with new stuff. I don’t want to be contrived and not put out something that’s not as good as what the potential can be. We want to do something that we can be proud of so we aren't rushing anything.

TM: How did you start playing music?

Shane: I originally wanted to play drums, so I got a drum kit for my birthday when I was 7 or 8. I wasn’t very good. My dad played guitar with bands all the time when I was growing up and you know how every little kid looks up to their dad and like, “I want to be just like him”. He is so fucking cool. So, I wanted him to teach me how to play guitar so for my 9th birthday he eventually taught me and I just played. I really didn’t take it seriously 'till I was 18 and I was playing in a friend’s band. Then I got my own equipment and I began to start something on my own.

TM: Is there a certain song that you are most proud of?

Shane: Well, every time that we would make a song, you kind of get that high. So, after you make a song that you like the way it sounds, you kind of are always proud.

TM: When you see your fans singing back the words to you how does that make you feel?

Shane: Insane. Even this whole day seems like out of movie. Even when I was watching Inner Wave it was crazy because we are friends. We are very similar in the way that we got started and getting a following and just playing here and being around all our fans. It’s very cool and humbling and beautiful.

TM: How did you guys come up with your artwork for your EP and other releases?

Shane: Antonio, our drummer, he has done all of the art design. Coming from his mouth he always says, “Every sound has an image to it”. When he heard the EP, he kind of did it with his interpretation. With it he added along with his unique style. I think he has a very pretty unique style. Now people are like catching on to it. I have seen people mock his style up but it quite alike in similarly. I think his style is just really cool and I wouldn’t have anybody else do it rather than him. He even designed the website and all the t-shirts. He is fucking talented. He is a wonder boy!

TM: How do you usually write?

Shane: I think it just happens. We usually start with just the music and then I will write lyrics to what I think goes perfect with the sound.

TM: Is there a certain fan moment that stands out to you?

Shane: Yes, actually something from today. I was at Camp Flog the other week and I was leaving the festival during J. Cole’s set when this girl stopped me. She was like “Hey, you're Shane!" and I was like “Yo, what's up!” then talked to her for a minute and left. Then today, I was walking through the tunnel to the other stages when I saw her again. She was like ”Shane!” and that's like a one in a million chance for that to happen. There is nothing that stands out as weird, nobody has done something super weird but there’s this girl who got a tattoo of me on her arm of the album art, which is crazy. It's really rad.

TM: What do you like about playing bigger shows?

Shane: It’s definitely getting easier I think. We have mixed feelings because shows that I used to do until pretty recently we're just like in the backyard and you never knew if it was going to shut down or if the sound quality was going to be good. When we play [shows] like these, they have staff in there and you can play to your full potential. It's really really cool and it's definitely easier than it used to be.

TM: If you were to have a tour with someone, who would be on your dream tour, dead or alive?

Shane: Alive, with Inner Wave across the country. Steve Ray Vaughn would be a sick tour or even to just play in his band touring. Rest in peace.

TM: How does it feel playing amongst all your friends in the same festival as you?

Shane: It makes me feel really happy! It’s already cool to be doing this and then seeing that Inner Wave is also playing. I’m happy for them and I’m sure they are just as stoked as I am to be here. It’s a good feeling. I feel like we are in the right direction because it’s already really hard to get where we are.

TM: To conclude our interview, would you like to say anything to the people?

Shane: Thank you, mom and dad. Thank you everyone for the support! Thank you, guys, and thank you to my dogs. Love you.