Wedú Blends Sportswear with African Tradition


Award-winning filmmaker, producer, musician, and activist Coréan Dú is now looking to fashion for his next creative re-imagining of African tradition. His latest Fall/Winter collection, Wedú, combines the aesthetic elements of a techno-futuristic morrow with the groundings of an Angolan cultural history. The collection encourages us to consider the unceasing ramifications of the African diaspora under an afro-futurist lens. While forward-thinking sportswear may forefront, the junction of culture, depth, history, and identity can be seen throughout. 

Recognized by Forbes as one of the 15 Young Creatives Rebranding Africa, Coréan Dú has been attracting international attention for his work. Whether in his music, his films, or his designs, Dú’s diverse body of work celebrates the beauty, resiliency, power, and potential of diasporic communities.