COIN didn't leave it unsaid: fan tattoos, rapper names and heartbreaks

A sold out show on a Monday night and a line of fans hours before their show starts; that’s a pretty strong impression for a band who just released their sophomore album a week after they sell out U Street Music Hall in the heart of Washington, DC.

COIN just released their second album entitled How Will You Know If You Never Try making them one of the most anticipated pop band this year. They have already toured with bands like The 1975 and Walk The Moon, been remixed by Fall Out Boy’s Patrick Stump, and now doing their first headline American tour until June.

We got a chance to meet the four-piece band; Chase Lawrence (synth/vocals), Joe Memmel (guitar/vocals), Ryan Winnen (drums), Zachary Dyke (bass) to talk about fan tattoos, rapper names and heartbreaks.

Photo by Jeremy Long

Teal Magazine: Congrats on the release of your album! And congrats on selling out a show here in DC on a Monday night! If you didn't know there's already a line outside.

Chase Lawrence: That’s so rad. So cool.

TM: How does it feel to finally release the second album?

C: It's freeing. It's cool because we can move on. I know it sounds strange but like we've been tied up with these songs for the past year and it’s cool because we can now let it go and let it exist and people hopefully find meaning in it, liked it and we can make more stuff.

TM: What were you trying to achieve on this second album?

C: That’s a good question. We want to make a pop record. We want to make a record that had more meaning to it. More around personal experience. I don’t think we have done that. We have delve deeper in our previous writing process and this one is very personal to each one of us.

Joe Memmel: To the point that we recorded half of the songs by ourselves. [laughs]

Photo by Jeremy Long

TM: Can you tell us more about the album artwork?

C: Yeah, each of us we're all kind of death walking. If that makes sense. While we are making this album, I got obsessed with the dash in a tombstone. It seems like your entire life is encapsulated between that dash between the year you were born and the year you die. Reflecting back with what are we going to do with this band and what we're gonna leave as an imprint for our lives. And of course, if you have a chance you don't wanna live your life full of regrets especially if you have a lot of opportunities.

TM: You guys have a strong impact visually. Do you think your aesthetic drives your music in some way?

Ryan Winnen: I think they play hand in hand or at least we hope they do. We hope people perceive it as one big thing.

C: And I think our audience understands it too. Especially in shows, a lot of people wears red. And yeah, it's really cool.

Photo by Jeremy Long

TM: Do you think it reflects your individual personality?

R: Yeah, in some capacity, we think it is. I remember Chase and I had a phone call probably a few weeks before we signed off on everything about the album artwork like "Is it too dark?" or "Is it too morose?" because of the tombstone and stuff like that but then we were like "Well, maybe it will drive the people to the music that it's not so bad.” Like lyrically there's definitely some stuff there that can be dark but generally speaking the music is kinda lighthearted when you listen to it. I think people misinterpret red sometimes as something angry or something dark. But here's the thing, they say that when you're very sick you should live in red light and change your light bulbs and do things like that. So, red has this healing property into it. So, there's definitely this universal meaning.

TM: Interesting! So let's talk about your fans. Recently Joe and Ryan got a tattoo. And so I wanna know what is your reaction whenever your fans also get tattoos based around your music and your band?

C: It's very new for us.

TM: Did you guys expect the reaction to be like that?

C: Starting this band, absolutely not. It's all so recent especially those COIN inspired tattoos. They are just so overwhelming for us.

R: And there's also dozens for the past few weeks. It's really surprising. And I couldn’t imagine when I was sixteen or seventeen on putting the band that I love on my arms so it's really humbling for sure. But it's flattering and most of them are written by us which is very cool so that's really nerve wracking. There's sure a conversation before the tattoo has made and making sure everything is correct. [laughs]

Photo by Jeremy Long

TM: What are the artists or bands that inspired this record?

C: That's a great question! The day we wrote Talk Too Much, Joe and I listened to INXS’ Need You Tonight for like three times while we're stuck in LA traffic. I mean yeah, we kinda listen to a lot of late 80's new wave music for this album. We listen to the whole Talking Heads discography. But I don’t know, there's no really specific genres that influence us. We kinda let go of our influences on this one and we feel like it comes out to us naturally.

J: I would say that we stopped trying to sound like a bunch of people and just deal with it naturally.

TM: What is your favorite song from the record?

J: My personal is Are We Alone? or at least my favorite to play live.

C: I like Malibu 1992.

TM: I like Feeling so much.

C: Cool, do you know that’s the last one we wrote and it kind of finished off everything and it's definitely a different kind of sound for us. But it's weird how it rounded up the album in a very unique way.

R: Probably mine is Are We Alone? as a listener.

Photo by Jeremy Long

TM: If someone have not listened to your music yet, what would be the song that you’ll recommend them to listen first?

C: I would probably say Talk Too Much. [everyone laughs] No! But as a first time listener I would really like it. But it depends. I don’t know

R: No, I think to listen to that song helps you to then be surprised with some of the left turns that can get made with the whole album. So it's smart to start there and realize that "Oh! Every song doesn't sound exactly like that. There are other colors." So i think that’s a good way to do it.

C: Yeah! It's a nice entrance for people when they listen to it the first time. Because it doesn't give everything right away.

J: I would say the hidden track in Lately II is also great.

C: There's this hidden track after Lately II that called Nothing Matters. That one's pretty great!

R: I like Miranda Beach too.

TM: Oh yeah! I remember a fan of yours told us to ask you why you didn’t include it on the set list.

C: We just didn't have enough time to fit it in and to coordinate everything. But we will. Don’t worry. Soon!

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TM: So tell us about heartbreaks. Can you remember your first ever heartbreak?

J: Yeah...

C: Yeah…

R: Yeah...

TM: Wow, tell us about that.

C: I can actually and it was uhm…

R: Not too distant past.

TM: I thought you're gonna say something about you grade school heartbreaks or your childhood stuff.

C: Oh no! It's crazy. My first actual heartbreak is that I am the one who broke up with the person but it ended up hurting me more than it hurt them. If that makes sense. It's really weird. We are actually in the middle of everything while we are doing some stuff and we're doing an album and it really shaped the album in some ways.

R: Yeah, stuff really came out.

J: I've dated this girl for 5 years and she broke my little heart.

[Everyone laughs]

C: Your little heart.

J: Oh yes definitely!

R: I think we all experienced heartbreak in different ways. Not all about relationship. Like for example, chase went through a lot in the first album.

C: I lost my nephew.

R: So it's not always about the relationship.

C: It's just that sometimes it's really tiring hitting your head on the wall for so many times and not understanding why it's not clicking the way it should and of course it’s awesome to watch it unfold.

TM: And you guys have an amazing fan base that supports you!

C: We are so thankful for them. They're the main reason for us.

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TM: If you could give your 15-year-old self an advice. What would it be? Just one advice!

C: 15?? What a vulnerable age! [laughs]

J: I always say this because I really believe it, "No one's gonna want something more than you're gonna want it for yourself".

TM: That's a good one!

C: At 15 you’re gonna tell yourself that? [Laughs]

J: Oh yeah! I definitely would. I started a landscaping company when I was 15!

C: Joe Memmel 2017

J: Well, I just think you gotta do stuff you wanna do because no one's gonna want it more than you.

C: What about you, Zach? What’s your advice for your 15-year-old self?

Z: Read more.

R: My advice is probably similar to that. Listen more and shut up because I was very outspoken when I was a teenager, even when I first moved to Nashville. I'm trying to become a better listener because then you’re gonna learn more and you’re gonna have more empathy and a lot of things unfold when you listen better.

C: If I'm gonna show up to my 15 year old self as myself in a ghost form or something. If that's even possible. I'd probably be like hover myself [raising his arms imitating a ghost] and say "Be Patient" then evaporate and that would be the ideal thing to do, I think. Then I'm gonna come back to this moment and just be like "Oh my god, it was me!".

TM: Maybe it was you back then! We'll never know!

C: Oh yeah! Maybe! This whole scenario is really familiar actually. [laughs]

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TM: So I have here some funny slash hypothetical questions for you guys.

R: Okay, cool. Let’s hear it.

TM: You find a book and begin to read only to discover that it is your life. You get to the point that you are at now, do you turn the page knowing that you will not be able to change the events to come?

R: You turn the page knowing the future?

TM: Yeah.

C: Yeah, I would do that in one sitting!

[Everyone reacts in disbelief]

C: Why?! I'm still gonna be making the same decisions though.

J: I wouldn't turn the page!

C: You wouldn't? You like surprises? I mean you're still gonna be surprised because you're gonna be living the same!

R: I’d probably not! As much as I want too, I probably wouldn't.

C: But I like the idea of time not being linear. Where I want to understand my whole life.

TM: Next question! If you were to become a rapper, what would be your rapper name?

Joe: [laughs]

C: Yung Chuck. [answers quickly]

TM: You have given this a thought!

C: Oh more than a thought! [laughs]

J: Can I be a DJ?

TM: Okay, go ahead.

J: DJ Joey Memz.

[Everyone laughs]

J: It's not great but dude that's you know… that's my…

C: That's who I am! [finishing the sentence]

J: That's who I am! Yeah… [laughs]

TM: What’s yours again? [Referring to Chase]

C: Yung Chuck. Y-U-N-G Chuck.

TM: Wow! Very specific!

C: Oh definitely! Yes!

TM: How about you Ryan?

R: Lil Winnen or like Young Pat. That's my middle name.

TM: What about you, Zach?

Z: [Took awhile to answer]

C: Come on! Z-Murder, of course!

Z: That's like a scene name though.

R: It is true.

Photo by Jeremy Long

TM: Okay, next. If Jurassic Park was real, would you visit it?

Everyone: Absolutely!

TM: Would you Instagram it?

C and R: No!

C: I wouldn't bring my phone and I bet there's no cell service in Jurassic Park but yeah, I would definitely visit it! I'm so intrigue with dinosaurs.

TM: Really? Do you think they existed?

J: Yes! I absolutely think!

TM: How about you? Do you think they existed? [asking Ryan]

R: In Cleveland, from where I'm from. Cleveland, Ohio. The history museum. I think as a kid, I was like, "Oh yeah, for sure that definitely happened." [laughs]

TM: Okay final question to wrap things out. Pineapples on pizza?

R: Personally for me, all the way!

J: Wait a minute, is this one of those twitter things? [laughs]

R: I personally love pineapples on pizza!

J: I am definitely a big fan of pineapple on pizza.

C: Oh definitely!

R: How about you guys? [asking the Teal Magazine crew]

TM: No! Sweet does not belong on pizza!

J: Hey! That's not true!

TM: How about you, Zach?

Z: I'm not opposed to the idea but I got really sick with pineapples on pizza one time. But to argue the sweet thing there's sugar in the tomato in the marinara…

TM: Probably not the same concentration.

Z: I'm just saying!

[Everyone laughs]

TM: Thank you so much guys!

R: Thank you! That was some really good questions!