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Geographer: Music Inspired by Life and Loneliness

The synth-pop, indie rock star got on stage and played to the audience, inviting them to journey with him in his pain and happiness. His melodic voice, electronic beats, and acoustic sounds were enough to make fans go wild. The performance was nothing short of perfect.

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Interview with Camp Howard: Growing Within Richmond and Supporting Music

In the heart of the U Street Corridor of Washington, DC, we sat down with Nic Perea, Wes Parker, Brian Larson, and Matt Benson of Camp Howard before their show with Sleepwalkers at DC9.

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Boston Calling 2018

Boston Calling has outgrown its humble home of Boston’s cement carpeted City Hall Plaza. Just last year the festival moved to its new venue of the Harvard Athletic Complex. This was exciting because traversing the turf of this Ivy League institution was likely as close as I would get to becoming either a Harvard student or an athlete. The location also meant space for a Coachella-rivaling Ferris wheel, additional stages, and more people.

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Interview with Peach Pit: Guitar Solo Revival and the Vancouver Music Scene

Although their surf-pop makes them sound is as if they have been plucked straight from the beach, the Vancouver band,  Peach Pit, has started to make impressions globally. The band consists of bassist Peter Wilton, guitarist Chris Vanderkooy, drummer Mikey Pascuzzi, and vocalist/guitarist Neil Smith. During SXSW, we lounged poolside with the guys talking about their new album, Being So Normal, guitar solos, and staying motivated.

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Interview with VARSITY: Chicago Origins and Embracing Challenges

A new take on Chicago’s music scene, Varsity, are showing their true colors with Parallel Person, the latest release from the retro pop group. Led by singer/keyboardist Stephanie Smith, she surrounds herself with guitarist/vocalist Dylan Weschler, guitarist Patrick Stanton, bassist Paul Stolz, and drummer Jake Stolz. The band took time out of their packed SXSW schedule to answer a few questions about the making of Parallel Person, challenges they’ve faced getting to releasing the album, and goals for the rest of the year.

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Interview with Porches: Growing Up in New York and Sonic Evolution

Aaron Maine, better known as Porches, usually spends his time writing songs in his New York apartment or on the road touring his latest album, The House. After starting the project in 2010 as an indie rock band, Maine has slowly stepped out of that comfort zone and moved into the next with his synth-pop sound.

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Interview with FAVX: Playing First SXSW and Musical Influences

With rapid punk guitar rifts, pop-dance rhythms, and a reminiscent grunge voice, FAVX has developed a sound that unites three genres into one style.

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Concert Gallery: Rainbow Kitten Surprise at 9:30 Club in Washington D.C.
Concert Gallery: Cigarettes After Sex at 9:30 Club in Washington, D.C.
Concert Gallery: Caamp at 9:30 Club in Washington D.C.

Caamp is known for their heartfelt sound, and authentic live shows that leave their loyal crowds with hearts pounding. We captured their show at 930 Club as they open for Rainbow Kitten Surprise.

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CONCERT GALLERY: Triathalon at The Roxy in Los Angeles, California
Impressionable Musicians at SXSW 2018

As chaotic and hectic as it sounds hosting events across the entire city, music is a driving factor for many to visit Austin during SXSW.

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