7 Summer Days in Italy

Words and film photography by Xenia Ayunova

Last summer, I spent a week eurorailing in Italy and I brought my film camera with me to document my exploration of Milan, Cinque Terre and Bologna.

My favorite thing about shooting with film is seeing the photos after a few months when I have already forgotten all the details and memories of the places I have seen. It’s a special feeling to see the developed pictures for the very first time after a long period of waiting.

The Italians love their fashion; the men wore suits even in the summer heat and drank their hot espressos effortlessly. The women were hiding behind big Prada and Gucci sunglasses while sipping on their Aprerol Spritz.

There is also something about the color green in Milan. It really stood out to me somehow on how it was used everywhere in the city; green marble entry hallways and tabletops, sofas and furniture in a deep shade of green. 

The best ever coffee experience I had was tasting a Marocchino at Marchese in Milan - this place is built way back to 1824 and I imagined it could easily be a set in a Tom Ford movie

Cinque Terre (means Five Lands) is part of the Italian Riviera and consists of 5 small villages and it’s a UNESCO world heritage site. It was breathtaking from every angle - I shot an entire roll of film here. The water is crystal clear, everything is organized and clean in every possible way.

The only downside is the amount of tourists; and I was one of them.

Bologna is Italy’s food capital. They even call it ’The Fat One’. It's a uniquely beautiful city with many medieval towers and churches to climb and many dishes to try. 

P.S. take mosquito repellent with you.