The Lost Explorers


Brixtol Autumn/Winter 2017:  Prepare your inner adventurer

Brixtol is back this Autumn/Winter season with a new collection inspired by the real life disappearance of Sir John Franklin and his crew of 134 men - tragically known as the Lost Explorers. In search of the infamous Northwest Passage, the men had hoped to discover fame and riches that would result from opening a trade route through the Arctic connecting Europe to Asia. However, within two months all ships and crews had vanished. All that remained was an abandoned letter discovered in 1857 with cryptic details of the crews’ doomed fate. More than 160 years later, their story still unfolds as in 2014 and 2016 their boats were finally discovered on the ocean floor.

Brixtol’s collection, “The Lost Explorer,” protects, preserves, and empowers the body throughout the most brutal environmental conditions. From bombers to beanies, this outerwear collection was engineered for adventurers to prevail throughout even the coldest of Arctic winter nights.