6LACK’s Moody Songs Shows Why He Is the Next Generation of Sad Hip Hop

Every now and then an artist enters the music industry and revitalizes the game, within the last year that artist happens to be 6LACK. The young singer/rapper has brought a new spin on the R&B/Hip Hop trap sound with the release of his debut album “Free 6LACK.” The album has 6LACK singing over somber trap beats that was made for those restless late night hours.

Within the past few years, the R&B and hip hop game has seen a shift towards more solemn trap-inspired sound especially from artists like Bryson Tiller, Jeremih, Future, and Nav. This more introspective sound has led to many copycats and rip-offs that haven’t been able to do it successfully. Fortunately, 6LACK does it quite well with his moody reflections on relationships and life in general.

“Free 6LACK” was released last November and quietly made its mark on the Billboard charts. The record does a great job of transitioning smoothly from song to song that showcases just how cohesive the entire project is. 6LACk also displays some range throughout the album especially on tracks ‘Luving U’ and ‘Worst Luck,’ where his vocals rise above the subdued cadence he uses.

Since the release of the record, 6LACK’s career appears to be exploding as he embarks on a nationwide tour with fellow melancholy R&B artist, The Weeknd. There are many who are excited to not only hear the young artist live, but also to see what he does next.