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Maddie North a.k.a So Below spares us a moment to discuss what inspired her and how it was to open up for The Naked and Famous. We also asked about new music and about her first headline tour.

Since making her musical debut with her song called ‘Drift’ and attracting over 100,000 Soundcloud plays injust a few months, So Below is the mysterious goth pop chanteuse everyone can't stop talking about. She began layering heavily processed vocals and harmonies on top of simple dark beats. Madeline North began exploring her vocal talents inspired by her new surroundings. After leaving her homeland New Zealand, Maddie began to embrace her style into what became So Below. After wanting to get her moodier style of electro-pop out she reached out to fellow Kiwi musicians Aaron Short from The Naked And Famous, Sam McCarthy from Boyboy, Kids Of 88 and Leroy Clampitt a.k.a. Taste Nasa to help her produce her demos and became her debut self-titled EP.

Teal Magazine: How was it like opening up for The Naked and Famous in Auckland?

So Below: It was really good! I had a lot of fun and they are such an amazing band live. I have seen them play, like I don’t even know how many times, maybe like a thousand times. It was really cool, Aaron and Jesse were also playing in my band as well and their also in The Naked and Famous, so it was really funny for them to get on stage then like play 5 songs leave then come back to play their own show.

TEAL: Do you have favorite memory from that day when you opened up for The Naked and Famous?

So Below: Yeah I think it was just exciting because I had never played for that many people before. It was like three thousand people. I didn’t realize how many people were there already because I was just opening up and there were two bands ahead of me and I kind of just walked out on stage, didn’t realize how many people were going to be there and there was like three thousand people and I was like “Okay well that's interesting." Then I tried not to have a panic attack and yeah, it all worked out.

TEAL: How was it like to go on your first headline tour in the UK?

So Below: It was awesome! I really liked the guys in my band because they were so nice. We didn’t have a lot of time to rehearse. They rehearsed prior to me getting there and then we had one full day of rehearsals then the next day we had a show. It was a pretty fast to turn around. They were really great and they were they really prepared; they are talented musicians. We had a lot of fun hanging out with them in the car. Also the shows were great! It was a fun experience!

TEAL: Any new music soon?

So Below: Yeah have a song that is going to be sometime in May!

TEAL: Do you know the name of the song?


So Below : It's called Ruin.

TEAL: Talking about your music, what inspired you to make pop music?

So Below: I have always wanted to be musician and I love pop music. I started doing it maybe like 5 years ago but I really didn't think I would get anywhere with it. I guess the main thing that inspires me is that I am friends with a lot of musicians. I see them play all the time, see them get up on stage and perform. It’s so motivating to see people that I hang out with get up on stage or that have written an album. I have always wanted to do that. Obviously also all music and the bands that I have listened over the years and loved. I would definitely say that my friends have inspired me the most and encouraged to me the most to do it. Even when I think I am doing a horrible job they are like keep going. It’s sort of like they have my back and being like “No, you can do this". Collaborating with them as well and writing with the people who inspire's so weird that I get to create with them, it's pretty cool.

TEAL: For those who don’t know your music. How would you describe your music?

So Below: I guess I would say it's dark electronic pop. I called it Goth Pop as a joke because at the time when I put it out on sound cloud I had 2 other friends who one of them put up their music as “Sun Kiss” and my other friend put it up as “Space Kick. I was like well I want to do my own genre, so I wrote Goth Pop but it kind of seems to work because its dark poppy music

TEAL: So these next questions are more for fun try answer them as fast as you can without thinking about them.

TEAL: Cats or dogs?

So Below : Dogs.

TEAL: Tea or Coffee?

So Below: Coffee.

TEAL: Winter or Summer?

So Below: Summer.

TEAL: Kisses or hugs?

So Below: Hugs.

TEAL: Chocolate or sex ?

So Below: Sex. Hah! Chocolate is still good though.

TEAL: Well thank you so much for taking your time and talking to us. Have a nice day!

 So Below: No problem! Thank you!

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