Interview with Bertrand Fournier: The French Painter on Instagram


There is no doubt that social media is becoming a huge part of the success of the aspiring artists nowadays. Bertrand Fournier is one of those artists who's been able to share to the world his talent through Instagram and impress art enthusiasts celebrities like Matty Healy and Nick Grimshaw because of his amazing artwork pieces. 

He spares us a moment of his precious time to share with us some of his inspirations, favorite artists and stories of his wonderful work of art.

Teal Magazine: To start off, can you tell us more about yourself?

Bertrand Fournier: My name is Bertrand Fournier. I am 31 years old. A husband and a dad. I currently work as a nurse in the Psychiatric Infirmary of the Paris Police Prefecture. I live in Janville sur juine, a small village in the south of Paris.

TM:  Can you describe to us your style in painting?

BF: My style is characterized by black outlines without real imprint, accompanied by bright colors. I mainly paint flower-pots and birds eye view.

TM: So how long have you been a painter?

BF: I started to paint in November, by chance. A history of recovered frame on which there was missing a canvas.

TM: How did you come up with the idea of putting your artwork on Instagram?

BF: A friend to whom I had shown my first paintings advised me to put them on Instagram. So that I confronted the objectivity of someone I did not know, gradually the number of subscribers quickly enough climbed and people have begun to buy them from me or to place orders with me.

TM:  Is there anything that you want to achieve in the next few years?

BF: Stop my work as a nurse so I can devote 100% to painting. I started to have contacts with several galleries especially with Peter Makebish, I really would like this to happen because it is someone with whom I really want to work. In any case, I have a lot of ambition.

TM: We noticed about the title of your paintings and it's quite interesting. Can you tell us more about it?

BF: I love to transpose ideas on flower pots, I admit that for some of them I wonder where I could go for that!

TM: What is your creative process when it comes to starting a piece? Do you have to be in certain mood or feeling to make something?

BF: I paint mostly at night (when the children is asleep) but I begin to accumulate a little sleep delay. I put a little music and between each change of colors I smoke a cigarette. I try to paint a canvas a day.

TM: Who is your favorite artist? Any specific classic artist that inspired you?

BF: Without a doubt Matisse! Like him I do not have the worry of the details; the imperfections are part of a work. What counts is the overall rendering, the emotion that we wanted to convey.

I also admire the work of Jordy Kerwick, a companion of flower pots on Instagram.

N170 61*50 "La pianiste / The Pianist" by the wonderful @fournierbertrand

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TM:  Can you tell us the story on how Nick Grimshaw and Matty Healy discovered you and ended up buying your art work? That is so great! 

BF: It is the magic of Instagram! Nick followed my account. He shared one of my paintings, then Matthew who was Nick's friend did the same. It's incredible and I would never thank them enough, because thanks to them today I answer my first interview and tomorrow maybe I could leave my work.

❤️ @fournierbertrand

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TM: Are there any other celebrities that have bought your art? 

BF: Madonna, the Pope, Barack Obama.. Nope, I'm just joking! No other celebrities for now.

TM: Are you planning on having an exhibit for your paintings?

BF: I have a planned exhibition in June, it will be my first.

TM: Do you have any favorite museum/s? 

BF: The Van Gogh Museum of Amsterdam.

TM: Since you live in France, what would be the best place you'll recommend for first time tourist that loves to see more art and experience the culture of your country?

BF: Inevitably Montmartre!

TM: If you have all the money in the word, what would be the painting or piece of art that you would like to purchase? And why?

BF: Le Plancher de Jeannot because it is a truly atypical work, I could talk to you about it for hours. It is the work of a schizophrenic who engraved his delirium in the floor of his house. This work is exhibited right in front of the place where I work. It's in Rue Cabanis in the 14th disfranchisement of Paris.

TM: Wonderful! Thank you so much for your time! 


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