New York Fashion Week 2017



On the windy morning of February 16th, one would think that we were in Chicago; but that was not the case. We were in New York City for Fashion Week attending the showcases hosted by Plitzs Fashion Marketing. For most of us, it was our first time, and we couldn’t believe that we were finally there in the midst of it all.

The festivities took place in Hotel Pennsylvania, which is in the heart of Midtown and right across the street from Madison Square Garden. As we entered the hotel lobby, we noticed that the entire place was flooded with models and fashion show attendees. After stepping into the elevator, we shot up to the top floor into the Grand Ballroom where we checked in and were granted a short access into the backstage area where we saw all the designers getting their models ready. Soon after, we were escorted to our seats in front row and waited for the show to begin. Everyone in the audience seemed very excited and eager to see what was in store. Some people were dressed in colors and diamonds that made a bold statement; while others were dressed completely in black.

The first collection that caught our eyes was Hybrid Clothing from Winnipeg, Canada. Men, dressed in a wide array of simple, yet classic outfits, poured out from behind the wall, strutting down the runway to the upbeat music. The small collection was something that everyone in the crowd loved for its effortless style. From suede jackets to embellished jeans to fur coats, Hybrid had it all. Although all the designers were extremely talented, this brand took the gold from us at Teal.

Foreign Labur was the fashion forward brand that everyone had their eyes on. There was no way you could look away the bright colors and playful patterns.


Walk n Art Shoes by Philip L Loving III took our breaths away. The shoe line displayed some of the prettiest heels we’ve ever seen. There were some heels that girls could wear to prom and there were others that Rihanna would probably wear during an awards show performance. No matter the style, everyone in the audience wanted to go home with a pair.

Through the rest of the showcase, other fantastic designers displayed their creations.

Overall, all the designers brought a unique and different show for everyone. Along with a diverse cast of models, who varied from size to skin color, there were designers from across the globe including Australia and Iraq which is basically what PLITZS is all about. Following company's mantra, "Diversity, Affordability & Creativity Is Our Number one Priority."

The show brought people of different cultures and ages under one roof and showed us that we all had an eye for fashion. The setting of the entire event was unforgettable and got the seal of approval from Teal.