Greyola by Greyface

Los Angeles based indie-rock trio GREYFACE have released their new album Greyola, which is now available for streaming on Soundcloud, Spotify, and Apple Music.

Originally meeting and starting their first teenage bands together in the late 90s, the three members of Greyface have been playing music off and on together longer than most. But this project is their first as a trio and their debut album Greyola is the sound of a band drawing from a wealth of influence and experience.

"I think we unconsciously channeled the ghosts of 90s alternative rock radio (a latent affection probably due to us all growing up in FL, pre-internet),” explains vocalist Jutty Taylor. “The ‘more is more’ approach to guitars and vocals made for a lot of late night fun. Things don't always work out well for the characters in the songs, also not a conscious decision. Greyface is the name of the cat that lives behind the 7-11, on Sunset and Rosemont."


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“Boys Don’t Be Afraid” by 79.5

79.5, a girl group, just dropped a silky, raw-honeyed R&B track that exudes emotion and radiates their luxurious triple-female vocal harmonies. The song released on Valentine's Day via Big Crown Records. The group has been raging in the NYC music scene this past year and a half. The three lead vocalists -- Kate Mattison, Nya Parker Brown, and Piya Malik -- and their band pull influences from every corner of a record shop.

The song is a sweet one about being hopeful, romantic and brave. It was produced by Leon Michaels at the Diamond Mine in Queens, NY. With its romantic stance and declaration of love through melody, it’s done in honest girl-group fashion.


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"No Good Reason'' by Former Faces

LA indie rock outfit Former Faces has released their new single “No Good Reason,” which All Things Go says “yields interesting textures and a retro aesthetic.” The track is now available for streaming on Soundcloud, Spotify, and Apple Music.

“’No Good Reason’ tells the story of a computer waiting in vein for its owner to come home,” explains vocalist Ryan Parmenter. As evening arrives and a storm rolls in Computer grows tired. It watches as throngs of strangers seeking shelter from the rain streak past its window. But Owner has yet to return and Computer must delve deeper and deeper into the jumbled recesses of its memory to stay awake.”


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