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Hopeless Romantic” by Michelle Branch

Michelle Branch is back with a brand new single and album. The Grammy Award-winning, multi-platinum, singer-songwriter released her single “Hopeless Romantic” along with the announcement that her fourth studio album of the same name is set to drop on April 7, 2017. It is being considered as one of 2017’s most anticipated albums. This is her first solo project since her Grammy nominated album Hotel Paper (2003). Her last music release came in 2010 with the EP Everything Comes and Goes.

Hopeless Romantic was produced by Patrick Carney and Gus Seyffert. The album is based on love, both lost and found. Branch says, “A lot of these songs are about heartbreak, but knowing that it doesn’t mean the end of the world. It just means letting go and moving on and knowing that you’re going to be okay. This is my first real-life autobiographical record.”


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Photo credit: Nicole Mago

Photo credit: Nicole Mago

Half Asleep” by Born Cages

Indie band, Born Cages, has taken on the NYC music scene with its catchy hooks and earworm melodies. They released their new single “Half Asleep” this week and announced their new EP, Exit Signs in a Burning Building, which is set to release on April 7, 2017. The EP was produced by Vlad Holiday, Matt Maroulakos, and Justin Gerrish, and it was mastered by Emily Lazar. The band had given a sneak peek of the EP early on with a rhythmic, riff-laden track called “Ain’t Gonna Happen,” which had charted on Spotify’s US Viral 50 back in January.

In regards to “Half Asleep,” Holiday admits, “This was by far the last song I wrote for the new record...actually didn’t start writing it until we were in the studio mixing with Justin Gerrish. I posted a clip of the guitar riff part on my Instagram story and a few people wrote back to me saying, “whoaa”. So I thought, maybe I should turn this into something. I think I was feeding into the excitement that we were getting in the studio, and the chorus just became this big gospel-y moment of realization, from finally getting this album into the right direction after a year of reclusive writing."


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Evaporate” by The Fontaines

The Fontaines, a new LA based, sibling band, released their new single “Evaporate” earlier this week. Described and classified as “signature new-wave,” the song is about being with a guy you don’t want to tell your friends about. Charlotte Fontaine says, “It isn’t love, but both of you keep it going anyways.” Charlotte sings vocals while her brother, Hank, plays the guitar. They began writing new-wave influenced rock songs after growing up all over the world as kids. The band is backed by Chrystian Kaplan on drums and Daniel Zuker on bass.

Last year, in 2016, the band released their EP II, which received much acclaim within the LA music scene. They also landed steady radio play on KROQ’s Locals Only show.


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