The Few, The Proud and The Emotional


Showcasing one of the most passionate and outstanding fanbase there is - The Skeleton Clique

Five time Grammy nominated duo, Twenty One Pilots has been making noise across the world that ultimately sets them apart from all the other bands you've ever heard.

What started out as a three piece band, now a duo of drums, ukulele, and rapping; Twenty One Pilots has been traveling the world with their Emotional Roadshow tour; almost a different city every night, they sure give their audience one hell of a ride down the road that leaves them emotional. Their audience — the few, the proud, and the emotional — known as the Skeleton Clique is also what makes Twenty One Pilots, Twenty One Pilots. 

Tyler Joseph and Joshua Dun, the guys behind the ukulele and drums respectively, are two of the most amazing and talented musicians at the moment. Hailing from Ohio, the two managed to create a community that's full of the most dedicated and creative (see all fanarts made by them) supporters.


There's a lot of people who's a proud member of the Clique. And we are here to showcase how incredible this fanbase is. The Skeleton Clique isn't just a fanbase anymore, it's a family — a growing family. It's an honor to see that the whole world is starting to notice this two humble and very talented guys. 

Twenty One Pilots means everything to the Clique and nothing makes our heart swell with joy other than the fact that the band reciprocates it.

Tyler and Josh need not to say that the Clique is the world to them, because all you need to do is watch their performances wherein the the last part of each shows, Tyler would always turn to the crowd before leaving the stage, and say, "We are Twenty One Pilots and so are you." 

In an IG post that Tyler posted before, he wrote a heartfelt message for the Clique as the caption of a black and white photo of himself, wearing a suit and the iconic ski mask.

"....Because we are "famous" now we have to do all kinds of interviews with random people but the thing that those people always ask us about is you guys. It's my favorite type of question because I love to brag about you."

And talk about bragging about his fans, you should check out his IG account and you will see all the amazing and beautiful art done by the members of the Clique.•

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Tyler and Josh never cease to appreciate their fans and what they do for them. They inspire the Clique to keep on making their own art, support each other's art, and to have each other's back.

If that's not enough for you to believe that they really do love the Clique, listen to Fairly Local. It was the first single from their fourth album, Blurryface (which was a huge success as it became their first #1 album on the Billboard 200), and it was specifically written for the fans — the few, the proud, and the emotional. Well, not really "the few" now as we've mentioned a while ago, the Clique is getting bigger and bigger. It's now massive. Tyler and Josh are both aware of how big of a part the Clique plays in their success. Each and everyone has worked so hard to share the band's music and promote them with their art. 


The secret to this is the genuine connection the band has with the fans through their songs which deliver strong messages of staying alive, caring for each other, finding purpose in the world, and battling our own demons inside our heads and not giving up. It's pure and it's true. And it's one of the most wonderful things in the world, knowing that the people you look up to, look at you with just as much adoration as you have for them. The feeling is mutual. The bond is there and it will not go away. 

That's Twenty One Pilots and the Skeleton Clique. They are one. We are one. And you are welcome to join anytime.