Reclaiming Velvet


The 90s ended and so did velvet’s reign. Gone were the days of All Velvet Everything. Baby boomers love to call millennials lazy, but it was those children who were so adamant about never wearing velvet that any and all traces of it were removed from stores.

But then something changed.

2016 saw a rapid resurgence of velvet. The soft fabric has been featured in the pages of Vogue and on the runways of Balmain and Stella McCartney. Designers clamored to make sure that they included pieces of the new prized material in their lines.

But while the runways reintroduced the fabric, it wasn’t those models that took the trend back to the mainstream. A look doesn’t catch on until people outside of the designers start wearing it. Trends are a community project. Fashion aficionados across the world took the high-fashion look and customized it so that it personally accented their own unique tastes. You can go out in head-to- toe velvet or keep it minimal with just a choker instead. 

The possibilities are endless.

We’re reclaiming velvet for ourselves. No longer is it something that we’re forced into; it’s now something that we’re choosing to wear. You hold the reins of your wardrobe, not your parents. When people grow up, they gain new perspectives. These can range from having realizations about political policies or regretting that time you decided to get bangs or even coming to termswith how maybe velvet isn’t as terrible as you originally thought that it was.

Fashion is much more fun when you’re in control.