The Woman Card Project: A Visual Celebration of Powerful Women


The Woman Card Project is a creative response to Donald Trump’s assertion during the 2016 U.S. presidential race that, “the only thing [Hillary Clinton’s] got going is the woman’s card.” Clinton’s campaign quickly released a woman card of their own for her supporters, which is no longer available for purchase. Maddy Kramer, Senior Art Director at VML Kansas City, came up with her own idea for a creative response celebrating women: an entire deck of cards honoring “important women (or more colloquially: Yas queens)” who are change-makers around the world in a variety of industries and roles. The only card that is not a queen is the Trump joker card.

Kramer collaborated with international illustrators and designers to select and create images of the list of diverse women, which includes Melinda Gates, Beyoncé, and Harriet Tubman, among many others. We checked in with Maddy Kramer to see how this inventive, artistic project was going:

JT: Are you and the Woman Card team satisfied with the final deck?

MK: We are really happy with the final deck but as with any art project, we think that we can still add more Queens to the deck and make more versions in the near future.

 JT: What has the response to Woman Card been like?

MK: Overwhelming, amazing, incredible. Ha-ha, I hope those words respond to the question. We sold more than 200 decks in the last six months to all over the world.

 JT: Do you and the designers involved have any future related projects in mind? 

MK: We are always looking to create new side projects that align with our values and views in the world. I would like to get the cards into public elementary schools so kids learn at an early age about all these women who made a gigantic impact on the world we live in.

Woman Card sells a Deluxe deck with 54 cards, a Booster deck with 35 cards, and offers a free download of an uncut sheet of cards. You can further explore this project here and follow them on Instagram