Hozier: Rising Singer with a 'VOICE'



Hozier, born Andrew Hozier-Byrne on March 17, 1990, is an Ireland-born singer, songwriter, and musician. He is an active singer since 2008. But his song “Take Me to Church” catapulted him to celebrity status.

He is currently sharing the status of the likes of Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, and Ariana Grande when he performed alongside them during the 2014 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

This humble man from humble beginnings acknowledges his country as one of the influences in his song “Take Me to Church” where it was nominated with and won several accolades in different countries. He cited in one of his interviews in MTV that he wouldn’t have written a song like Take Me To Church if he hadn’t grown up in a place that has a history of state-church relations like his.

Hozier, who is a Trinity College Dublin-dropout, admits that his dad has the biggest influence in his music since he grew up always hearing his dad singing around him. His dad also let him listen to blues music almost every day.

His songs, however, speak so much about the social issues like inequality and discrimination. He said also in one of his interviews in MTV that in songs, it’s the lyrics that play the most important part because “it is a reflection of the times and it is a reflection of what’s going on now at the minute.”

True enough, his song Take Me to Church speaks about people’s and other countries’ discrimination toward same-sex affairs. He relates that it’s so pathetic how some churches and the people in general in the world preach about love and equality but do not practice the same.

The story of his 2014 most viral track which is about two women who fall in love with each other despite their religion’s telling them it’s wrong centered about an LGBTQ issue of sexual preferences freedom.

But it did not immediately take off, not until he released the music video which touched the LGBTQ issue in Russia that time. The music video of Take Me to Church garnered more than 50 million views on youtube presently.

His other song, entitled “To Be Alone” also incorporates social issue, the rape culture issue, which is also happening on the other side of the globe right now. He said songs or any art for that matter are products of the artists’ reflection of the world, the issues of the world at the moment that arts or songs are made and also the values of the artists and the dream of the artists as a person who listens to that music or views the art

For this, he admits being a follower of Nina Simone, Stevie Wonder and Paul Weller who are people or musicians who were sensitive to the issues of their times.

For this, he has parting words for the followers of his songs, “Never to be afraid of saying things like that. You can say it through music or a piece of art but never be afraid of saying things like that,” referring to making music with social issue awareness.