Vegan Fashion Line

Image Source:  Matei Vasilescu  

Image Source: Matei Vasilescu 

Cruelty-free doesn't just apply to the food on your plate anymore.

A vegan lifestyle can extend well beyond a plant-based diet, encompassing the makeup you put on your face or the very clothes on your back. For many, being vegan describes an overall lifestyle choice, one that prioritizes products made without any animals harmed in the process.

To cater to this growing demand, a plethora of vegan clothing brands are offering stylish threads made without any animal products and without harming animals during their manufacturing.

If you choose to stick to vegan clothing, the obvious culprits to avoid are leather, wool, and silk, but don't forget about materials such as down, bone, suede, shearling, cashmere, angora, and more. These all come from animals often kept in horrific living conditions during their lifetimes, and subject to inhumane slaughtering practices.

No longer just a fringe movement for the most die-hard vegans, cruelty-free brands are becoming more accessible and practical, not to mention stylish. By purchasing from any of the following brands, just a small sample of the ever-growing list, you'll know your outfits are head-to-know stylish and also sans-suffering.

Stella McCartney: One of the most high-profile brands to go almost entirely vegan, the majority of Stella McCartney's line is made without the use of any animal products, and are always fur and leather-free.


Della: Before you assume all vegan clothing will make a dent in your pocketbook, not only is all of this LA-based brand's catalog 100% vegan, their collection for Urban Outfitters all rings up under $69 (the rest of their line is still reasonably priced, though a tad steeper). If that wasn't reason enough to love them, their clothing is made in Ghana by women who are provided with education, training, and a job, thanks to the brand.

Saved Kisses: 27-year old Alyssa Flynn designed this carefree, nautical-inspired brand with the overarching vision of putting comfort first, both for the wearer and the environment. That's why no animals are harmed in its making, and the company prioritizes using sustainably-sourced resources that tread lightly on the environment.

VauteCouture: This NYC-based brand was hatched on the premise of a hip, high-end brand sans the use of any animal products, and the result is a stunning collection of gowns, coats, accessories and more, for both men and women who want the latest in couture, without the cruelty.

Lookie Lou: This e-boutique from a husband and wife duo offers 100% vegan and sustainably-produced women's fashion. Their website offers a range of highly affordable and super funky shoes, lingerie, graphic t's, accessories, and more.

These are just a few of the many options at your fingertips when it comes to crafting an entirely vegan and vogue wardrobe. Many other mainstay brands such as Old Navy, Madden Girl, Target, and Zappos offer a wide variety of clothes and shoes that happen to be made without animal products, so simply scan lables next time you shop to ensure your purchases are cruelty-free. With so many of these options on the market, no longer is there any reason for pain and beauty to go hand-in-hand.