An Interview with Ed Nash: Even Toothless She Can Still Bite off a Boy's Head

Ed Nash took time to talk to us about his main project "Toothless" and told us about  the inspiration behind the name, the process of making it and how it was like to work with Orlando Weeks from the Maccabees on the artwork for his new EP Palms.

CONTRAST: A Black & White Series

BARRAS MARKET IN GLASGOW ―The market is reaching the end of its life-cycle, however, there is still a strong sense of community & camaraderie amongst the elderly traders and their customers. 

CONTRAST: A Black & White Series

36 HOURS IN MOSCOW ―This photo series is from last weekends trip to Moscow for a festival show. The photos were taken in the 72 hour time period from when I left my girlfriend’s apartment in Sweden on Friday morning and returned on Sunday evening.

CONTRAST: A Black & White Series

STREETS OF SAIGON ―The city is like a Mafioso movie when it comes to money. Everybody is constantly exchanging money with others, going from one hand to another all day.

CONTRAST: A Black & White Series

MEMORIES FROM BUENOS AIRES ―It's been 3 years since Buenos Aires made me feel nostalgic and I don't know why. I loved and enjoyed that city, but I left way sooner than I expected. 

CONTRAST: A Black & White Series

SUPERFICIAL TRUTHS ―“Superficial” - appearing to be true or real only until examined more closely. What fascinates me about film photography is that there is always a strong element of truth behind it. 

CONTRAST: A Black and White Series

MARCH FOR UNCI MAKA ―The march was an ongoing struggle in the fight against The Dakota Access Pipeline, oil drilling, fracking, strip mining, on native lands. Thousands of people marched in support of our indigenous brothers and sisters for indigenous rights and sovereignty of native nations.

CONTRAST: A Black and White Series

FEBRUARY IN BROOKLYN ―The first installment of a week-long series featuring different remarkable film photographers and their stories through black and white images

The Lost Explorers

Brixtol is back this Autumn/Winter season with a new collection inspired by the real life disappearance of Sir John Franklin and his crew of 134 men - tragically known as the Lost Explorers

Coachella 2017: Running away to the desert and escaping from your own reality for a little bit

We can say that everyone is aware of it and at some point want to experience it. Take it from someone who has had the chance to go twice. All I can say is, it is worth the hype

Anarchy Chiapas: The Issue of Racial Discrimination, Freedom of Speech and Political Authoritarianism

The play addresses the issues of the people of the different eras, however relevant more than ever today – the issue of racial discrimination, freedom of speech and political authoritarianism. 

Simulacra by Bastardjer

A series of portraits taken in film: All photos captured were the result of completely random and spontaneous incidences. All photos were shot with my eyes closed.

Nashville and Stockholm collide: Nightly and Urban Cone in DC

The night was filled with fresh music that deserved more than a crowd of 200. Nightly and Urban Cone are both headed for greatness with their music forging a new wave of alternative pop.

Interview with Cuco: The Chicano Artist From The South Bay

Omar Banos a.k.a Cuco took a moment to share about the meaning behind his artist name, upcoming music, his biggest inspirations and what it feels like to sell out a show at the age of 18.

Raw and Dirty Punk Sound: The Garden at The Observatory

Check out our gallery taken with film camera by Gerardo Rangel during their show at The Observatory at Santa Ana, California.

Happy To Be Here: Mod Sun Sold Out Show at The Roxy

We got a chance to experience his show at The Roxy in West Hollywood, and perhaps the most wonderful aspect of his show, was how connected he was to his audience. 

COIN didn't leave it unsaid: fan tattoos, rapper names and heartbreaks

We got a chance to meet the four-piece band; Chase Lawrence (synth/vocals), Joe Memmel (guitar/vocals), Ryan Winnen (drums), Zachary Dyke (bass) to talk about fan tattoos, rapper names and heartbreaks.